Meet Omolara Sanni: Co-Founder of Midddleman

Miracle Okah |

Omolara Sanni is a product marketing manager with over three years of experience in the social commerce and fintech industry. She co-founded Midddleman, an escrow payment platform that aims to give buyers the confidence to pay before delivery and protect sellers from losing money and customers. She is also the co-founder of African Product Marketing Pioneers, a thriving community of product marketing managers.

Omolara is deeply committed to mentorship and professional development, and she is proud to be part of a community that helps people advance in their careers. 

Omolara is also the author of a popular Product Marketing Guide for Beginners, a comprehensive resource that provides practical advice, expert insights, and a clear roadmap to success for individuals interested in a career in product marketing. 

She is an inspiration to other women in the tech industry, particularly in the product marketing department.

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